Are you planning to spend time in Dublin this year and wondering where to eat? This downloadable and shareable spreadsheet of Dublin's newest and best-loved restaurants is a must have for any visitor to Ireland.

At home or on vacation we've all had that endless conversation that starts with "So, where'll we eat?" This color-coded spreadsheet, from our sister publication U Magazine, is the solution to this circular debate for anyone in Dublin in 2019. 

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Back in 2017 there was a similar version of this spreadsheet doing the rounds in Ireland's capital but now, two years on, Dublin's food scene has changed and the new spreadsheets really reflects that.  It was about time someone gave that spreadsheet a 2019 glow-up.

If you look closely this spreadsheet is even millennial-friendly, highlighting in pastel the very coolest spots to hang out in Dublin city. 

Broken up vertically by cuisine-type and color-coded by location, the spreadsheet covers categories from the all-hailed brunch, to an impressive sushi/Asian verticle, to well-recommended vegetarian/vegan options and of course, a best burgers/steak list too. 

For those looking to enjoy Dublin on a budget, they've included a long list of recommendations suitable for sourcing a cheap weekday lunch for under a $10, including places like 147 Deli, Green Bench Cafe, and GG's Philly Cheese, as well as a special shoutout for the LEON chain which will be coming to Dublin this spring. 

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And for the lucky-loved up few amongst us, the spreadsheet's even got a ranked "Date Night Top 10", perfect for those looking to take the stress out of choosing somewhere to go on Valentine's night. 

Without further ado, imagine living in a world where you never have to ask the dreaded 'Any ideas on where we should go?' question again and download, bookmark or screenshot this super-organized, millennial-friendly color-coded Dublin Restaurants '19 Hit List and forward it as you see fit.

Download the spreadsheet here. 

Do you have a favorite spot to eat in Dublin? Let us know your top tips in the comments section below. 

* Originally published on our sister publication's website, U Magazine.