Well this Northern Irish 16-year-old is making our school science projects look pretty silly. Hana Hughes has just launched "Driver's Gin".

Teenagers get a bad wrap - especially when it comes to underage drinking. Alas, this 16-year-old from Northern Ireland has gone and invented the country's first alcohol-free gin.

Hana Hughes is the brains behind "Driver's Gin" - a sugar-free, calorie-free, non alcoholic tipple.

The Co. Down native told the Press Association that she was wanted "learn a new skill" and thus decided to enter the Duke of Edinburgh awards - a prestigious recognition for outstanding youths. 

Ironically, alcohol is *almost* coursing through her veins - her family own and operate Hughes Craft Distillery in Craigavon.

“I had a keen interest in learning a new skill, and when reading the list I was given at a Duke of Edinburgh awards meeting I was initially surprised to see brewing and wine making as suggestions," the teen said.

“I knew the resources available to me at my parent’s distillery were unique and I set myself a challenge to learn how to distill a non-alcoholic gin."

She continued, “I came up with two recipes, my first was very similar to a classic gin recipe but the second was my own recipe of botanicals, strong juniper, coriander, black peppercorns, cubeb’s, sweet orange."

When finished with her concoctions, she measured the alcohol and found they were both 0%. 

The admirable Hughes now hopes her Driver's Gin will encourage people to act as designated drivers during what's nicknamed 'Sober October'.

We'll cheers to that!

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