The Dublin UFC fighter’s Proper No. Twelve whiskey is proving so popular in Ireland that this supermarket giant is having to put a cap on the number of bottles customers can buy!

Conor McGregor’s newly released whiskey, Proper No. Twelve whiskey, has been so popular at Tesco Ireland supermarket that it had been forced to restrict the number of bottles per customer to two per visit.

This September the Dubliner Ultimate Fighting Champ launched his new Proper No. Twelve whiskey, in collaboration with the master-distiller, David Elder. The whiskey is named over McGregor’s home neighborhood in Dublin, Crumlin, which is located in the postcode Dublin 12.

It’s clear that Proper No. Twelve is a smash hit with his Irish fans.

Proper No. Twelve is currently being exclusively sold at Tesco. The supermarket has been forced to put signs up in their off-license aisle stating that customers can only buy two bottles of McGregor’s brew at one time.

Tesco has been forced to limit the number of Proper No. Twelve customers purchase, due to its popularity.

Tesco has been forced to limit the number of Proper No. Twelve customers purchase, due to its popularity.

The sign states:

“Due to popular demand unfortunately Proper 12 whiskey is limited to two bottles per customer per day.”

A Tesco’s spokesperson released a statement to the newspaper The Sun, stating “To ensure availability for all customers we've introduced a limit on the number of bottles that can be sold in a single sale.”

Tesco has also posted a warning on Facebook for those who are keen to try McGregor’s whiskey, warning them that their supplies are running out fast.

“If you deserve it, go get it.” – Conor McGregor Proper No. Twelve Whiskey available now exclusively at a Tesco near you 🥃 Get your Proper Whiskey before it’s gone 👊

Posted by Tesco Ireland on Thursday, September 20, 2018

McGregor is proud to introduce this exciting Irish whiskey to the world, launching in Ireland and the United States, with further expansion in 2019 and onward. McGregor, being the perfectionist that he is, took a detailed, time-intensive approach to creating his whiskey. Inspired by his pride for Ireland and his love of Irish whiskey, McGregor wanted to create his own whiskey that would match his high standards and make his country proud.

For years, McGregor developed the brand under the project name "Notorious" through which came the foundation of what was to eventually become Proper No. Twelve.

It became a longer and more complicated project than originally expected, so McGregor turned to the world's oldest whiskey distillery, located in Ireland, with a proven history of quality whiskey making. He met David Elder, esteemed master distiller, previously of Guinness, and together they took painstaking measures to bring the whiskey to fruition.

"We created close to one hundred blends and ultimately selected what we knew was the one and only proper whiskey blend.  We took the time to develop an incredible whiskey and I'm excited to share it with the world," said McGregor.

Proper No. Twelve's global launch expression is a blend of the finest golden grain and single malt.  It is produced in an area known for its rich soil and pure spring water. Proper No. Twelve is complex and sophisticated yet smooth and approachable with hints of vanilla, honey and toasted wood.

Speaking about his new creation, McGregor said:

"I come from a place called Crumlin, in Dublin 12. It's a place dear to my heart. It's where I learned how to fight; it made me who I am today. It's a place I'm still very much a part of every single day of my life. So, that's where the name came from. It's proper Irish whiskey and twelve is my hometown.

"Growing up on the streets of Dublin 12, I learned the values of loyalty and hard work. I respect other Irish whiskeys, but I am coming in strong, with passion and with purpose. I am the founder of this company and I am going to give it my all."

It is important to McGregor to give back in a meaningful way. First responders exemplify his core values and those of Proper No. Twelve – commitment, loyalty and community – a "ONE FOR ALL" mentality.

"First responders all over the world are the unsung heroes who act with courage and answer the call of duty every day for people in need," McGregor commented. "I have great respect for these men and women."

The company has committed to donate $5 for every case sold to local first responder organizations/charities, up to $1 million annually. The organizations/charities will be identified for each state and country around the world and donations will go directly to specific states and countries where sales take place.

What do you think? Will you be buying some of Conor McGregor's Proper No. Twelve when it comes to a store near you? Let us know in the comments section below.