If you’re Irish and you love cooking you’ll already know who Rachel Allen is: the daughter-in-law of international celebrity chef Darina Allen. Rachel has grown up around amazing cooks and cooking at her home near Ballymaloe, in County Cork.

Rachel is on course to become the Irish Rachel Ray right here in the U.S. with two of her hit shows, ‘Rachel's Favorite Food at Home’ and ‘Bake’.

The strikingly blond Irish chef has also inked a lucrative new deal with Apple that could see her featured on every iPhone and iPad in the nation. Currently the talented Irish chef is in the middle of designing an exciting new cooking application for use on Apple devices that will share her innovative recipes to a mass audience.

Filming for the new iPhone application will take place in the kitchen of her home near Ballymaloe in Cork, where she lives with her chef husband Isaac and three children.

‘I'm in the middle of the iPhone project and we expect it to be out in the summer, it's really exciting,’ she told the Irish press this week. ‘It's a quick download and we're going to be featuring loads of recipes and lots of other little things that people will find useful for cooking. We're going to film it in our kitchen at home and we're getting the ideas together now. We'll have about 60 recipes as well as some hidden surprises, funny pictures on your screen as well as some teaser recipes from my new book.’

Making the move to iTunes is certain to catapult the Irish celebrity chef to the top tier here in the U.S. so look out for her this summer and learn to cook like the Irish in the process.

Originally published 2010.