A cafe in Cork has invented an ingenious way to serve egg mochas to its customers in the run up to Easter.

Union Grind pour its mochas into an chocolate Easter egg which - we can only presume - gives the drink an extraordinary flavor. The hollow egg with mocha inside it is then presented to the customer in a coffee cup. Slowly the coffee melts the Easter egg, blending the chocolate together with the mocha.

But if coffee isn’t your thing but you still fancy a drink melted into an Easter egg, they also offer hot chocolates too.

Have a look at some of their other egg-cellent ideas below!

Easter eggs have been used for centuries to represent new life and the Resurrection of Christ. Often dyed red - to symbolize the blood of Jesus - chocolate Easter eggs are thought to have first been invented in 1873 by British chocolatiers, J. S. Fry & Sons.

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If you like coffee and chocolate this is certainly the cafe for you!iStock