The bar that's been hailed as American's oldest Irish pub since forever is reopening its doors with a brand new face-lift.

Patrick's of Pratt Street in Baltimore, MD, was established in 1847 by the Rowley family. In late 2008 the bar closed its door for renovations.

And after a year-long hiatus, the bar has reopened it's doors with a brand new look.

"We were at Pratt Street for 163 years," said Pat Rowley.

Rowley's wife, Ann is the owner of the new establishment.

"We had a business plan that said, 'Every 163 years, open a new location.' We're not moving real fast, you know."

"Good hearty foods that won't break the bank is what we're going for," said chef Zu Pinsker, who had been sous chef at the restaurant for four years.

The bar hopes to be around for another 163 years but promises not to wait as long to renovate.