Two Irish brands, Oriel Mineral Sea Salt and Teeling Whiskey have joined forces to create a spectacular tasting Whiskey Smoked Sea Salt that hits all the senses.

Oriel Sea Salt has partnered with The San Francisco Salt Company for the launch of their Mineral Sea Salt in the USA. This will include their Teeling Whiskey Smoked Sea Salt and their Kiln Dried Mineral Sea Salt. Both of which are available across the states from June, for supply in bulk packs to restaurants, hotels and bars and in retail jars for those foodies who just love their food.

The San Francisco Salt Company understands the benefits of good quality sea salts. They have embraced the fact that quality sea salt is not only necessary for our health but can offer incredible benefits to our skin and include sea salts for cooking, bath and spa, sourced from across the globe.

Lee Williamson, founder and CEO says “Until Oriel contacted us, we did not even know Irish sea salt existed so we were instantly intrigued. They told us about their Teeling Whiskey Smoked Sea Salt and we knew we had to try it.”

Chef Shane Ryan, of The Menu in The Irish Examiner, puts its culinary effect into words “Oriel’s new Teeling Irish Whiskey Smoked Sea Salt in reality it shouldn’t work at all yet somehow it does, three great flavors, whiskey, smoke, salt, piled on top of each other and coming together in what can only be described as a very vigorous harmony.”

Oriel Mineral Sea Salt is renowned for its naturally lower sodium, higher Mineral content and powerful taste that allow chefs and food lovers to use up to 25% less with the same kick of flavor. Oriel is the recipient of many culinary awards including multiple Great Taste Gold Stars.

Harvested in the pristine waters of Port Oriel, Clogherhead, north of the Boyne river, where more than 5,000 years ago, before the Pyramids in Egypt were built, Celtic tribesmen moved boulders weighing a hundred tons from here, to build the Ancient Neolithic Tombs of Newgrange, a “World Heritage Site.”

San Francisco Sea Salt Co will launch Oriel nationally through its network of retail partners and online through its website. We wish them all the best and many years of success.