A new YouTube video from Facts.,’People Explain What Makes Them Feel Irish,' reveals what many first generation Irish feel about not being seen as “Irish."

Facts. explains: “We often receive comments directed at certain contributors, claiming that they aren't really Irish. Ireland is a multicultural country and is constantly becoming more diverse. We decided to bring some of the contributors whom people often claim aren't actually Irish in to our studio to speak a little about their Irish upbringing.“

In the video, the contributors are asked to describe how they feel when they hear the word ‘foreigner.’ One man says it made him feel “different” and “unwanted.” 

However, when asked “What makes you Irish?” the responses are more positive.

“I suppose we’re always up for the craic,” says one young woman. “We’re really friendly.”

Another woman says, “ I think it is something you can pick up and something you can become and it is something you are born with as well. It’s a bit of both.

Or as one man says: “To me this is home.”