The ex-girlfriend seeking a restraining order against Irish actor Michael Fassbender is a troubled woman who also carried out the same legal onslaught against a former boyfriend.

Actress Sunawin Andrews has sought the restraining order to keep Fassbender more than 100 yards away from her and her two children and pay her $20,000 to cover her medical bills even though Fassbender lives in London and Andrews in Los Angeles. He recently starred in the Oscar winning movie 'Inglorious Basterds"

The actor’s father, Josef, told the Sunday Times that this behavior did not sound like his son. “I don’t know how anything like that could have happened because Michael is the most gentle person ever,” he said.

The Times revealed that Andrews previously filed a restraining order against adult film producer Seth Warshavsky in 1998. In court papers, filed in Seattle, she alleged Warshavsky, stalked her and threatened to kill the father of her child.

The adult film producer, who was then based in Baltimore, claimed the action was  “just a frivolous restraining order in an attempt to extort money”.

Warshavsky told the Seattle Weekly News in 1999 that following the granting of a restraining order against him, he continued to be “intimate” with Andrews.

Fassbender, who was born in Germany but moved to Ireland at an early age, dated Andrews for a little under a year, during which time they shared a house in Bel Air, Los Angeles, with the actress’s other son.

He is filming an adaptation of the novel Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, in which he plays the role of Mr. Rochester.