An exciting new novel by Thomas J. Howley shines a spotlight on the mysterious hero from Irish history known as Wolf the Quarrelsome. 

"Wolf of Clontarf," a new novel by Thomas J. Howley, offers an exciting look into the tumultuous chapter in Irish history when the Irish fought back the Vikings and helped to preserve the learning and culture of continental Europe and Christianity. 

On the island of Ireland at the turn of the century 1000 A.D., high king Brian Boru seeks to unite his country for the first time and establish a Christian bulwark of learning, literature, and prosperity for all his people. But the legendary king is aging and the challenges he faces are immense.

It is at this moment that an obscure but legendary figure rises to aid his king and crush the Viking threat. His name is mentioned just briefly and only twice in the Viking sagas, but both times he is described as a feared and indomitable nightmare by the Northmen. Called Ulf Hreda by the Norse and Faolan an Trodach by the Gaels, “Wolf the Quarrelsome” strides into history as a mysterious and powerful giant who develops an unconventional plan to throw the Vikings into the sea, and by extension save all Christian Europe in the process. Aided by his love interest, Aoife, and her fierce ring of female spies, Wolf works tirelessly to defeat the Viking overlords for King Boru and for Ireland. 

History meets espionage and intrigue in this riveting work set in the 15 years leading up to the Battle of Clontarf. It's a story Howley was highly qualified to craft. Born in Boston to an Irish immigrant family, Howley is a retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel who spent the bulk of his military career supporting or leading counter-espionage and counter-terrorism operations. 

After military retirement he was employed as a civilian operational intelligence analyst supporting U.S. Defense, Federal Law Enforcement, and the Intelligence Community. In the course of his career, he has deployed to or supported security and intelligence operations in every continent except Antarctica. 

With an extended Irish family on both sides of the Atlantic, and his training and experience in intelligence and military matters, writing about Clontarf was a natural extension of a life-long interest for Howley, and it shows. 

Steven Pressfield, author of the national bestsellers “Gates of Fire” and
“The Legend of Bagger Vance, ” applauds that "Wolf of Clontarf" will "thrill avid fans of historical fiction," while Mack Maloney, author of the Wingman series, hails it as "Vikings versus a medieval Terminator. Wolf of Clontarf echoes with the explosive clash of axes and swords interwoven with tales of first loves. Howley has delivered an epic of heroic combat, subtle romance and high adventure.”

"Wolf of Clontarf" is available for purchase via Amazon and Barnes and Noble