Too much information? If you were hoping that the film version of 'Twilight, Breaking Dawn' would be exactly like the book, then you may be disappointed to hear that there won’t be any placenta biting scene.

Now everyone is wondering how they will show certain parts of the overheated story line in the next 'Twilight' film.

The film's hunky star Robert Pattinson has said he thinks the birthing scene will be very funny, quite unintentionally so, probably because he was anticipating biting through a fake placenta.

But screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg intends to stop it before it starts. She recently told the press that she is keen to show the birth on screen, but perhaps with some of the gorier details such as Pattinson's character Edward biting through the placenta left out, saying: ‘I don’t think we need to see that.’

The books author Stephenie Meyer will be most likely be disappointed to hear this - she wanted to see the birth scene in what she called 'all it's awful glory.'