Before all the beard-shaving, man kissing, and blockbuster films, Will Ferrell was known for his farcical impressions of the rich and famous. Ferrell's impersonations were far ranging from the likes of Alex Trebek to Saddam Hussein. Former President George W. Bush was no exception either, particularly during Ferrell's tenure at Saturday Night Live where he poked fun at the former Commander-in-Chief on a regular basis.

Although Ferrell left the studio at 30 Rockefeller Center for the greener pastures of Hollywood a few years ago, the announcement of Osama bin Laden's death on Sunday provided the impetus that Ferrell needed to revive his Bush act.

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In a video posted on the Funny or Die website, Ferrell portrayed the Texan as celebrating the "good day for America" in a Sizzler steak house in his native state, lamenting the fact that the restaurant did not have a taco bar. The hilarity ensues however, when it is revealed that the "good day for America" refers to the killing of a pesky gopher in his yard.

When Bush, or "Dubya" as Ferrell has referred to him on countless occasions, is made aware that bin Laden has been killed, he concedes that the announcement proves "two good things for America" before wandering off in search of tacos. Apart from SNL, Ferrell has previously taken his Dubya act on the road which proved to be a hit with Broadway goers and comedy fans alike.

Will Ferrell impersonating former President George BushSplash