According to Will Ferrell, Paramount studios will not reconsider their decision not to back "Anchorman 2."

Plans to make the sequel to "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy" was abandoned earlier this year as Ferrell said that they were concerned about the cast's wage bill.

Many of the cast who starred in the 2004 are now much more famous than they were six years ago. The cast includes Steve Carrell, Paud Rudd and Christina Applegate as well as Will Ferrell.

This month, the movie's director Adam McKay suggested to Collider that the studio might reconsider because of the outcry from the original movie's fans.

Speaking to MTV, Will Ferrell has denied that any negotiations are taking place. He said "Paramount, which is owned by your parent company, Viacom... they seem indifferent to any sort of public outcry for this … It's very flattering to us. We love it, but apparently, they don't care."