The courtside seats at Sunday’s New York Knicks – Boston Celtics game were filled with celebrity NBA fans.

Irish-American funny man Will Ferrell was spotted goofing off with Brooke Shields.

But the two celebs had an ulterior motive for cheering on the Knicks – they were at the game to film a scene for their upcoming film “The Other Guys.”

Fellow stars of the movie, Rosie Perez and Irish-American actor Mark Wahlberg, were at the filming.

Wahlberg, who is extremely proud of his Boston Irish roots, went so far as to sport a Knicks jersey.

According to IMDB, Ferrell and Wahlberg play detectives in “The Other Guys,” which also stars Samuel L. Jackson, Eva Mendes, Anne Heche and Paris Hilton.

It seems that Ferrell’s status as Forbes’ Most Overpaid Actor hasn’t hurt his ability to churn out star-studded blockbuster films!