Singer songwriter Vérité, real name Kelsey Byrne, is a former Applebee's waitress about to hit the big time. 

The Brooklyn-based chanteuse (27) will support Irish singer EDEN at highly anticipated upcoming Irving Plaza gigs this week. 

So how did she go from making tips to making tracks? Here's what you need to know about Williamsburg's newest star. 

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1. She worked as a waitress in Times Square to save up to launch her music career.

Byrne clocked 70 hour work weeks serving tourists in a busy Applebee's from 2011-2015. 

“I have so many horror stories. It was just honestly insane," she joked to The New York Post.

Not a horror story, though, is the fact that she diligently saved up $20,000 tips to help get her profile as a performer off the ground.

2. She is a bona fide Indie star success story.

Yes, Vérité managed to hit 150 million streams on Spotify - without a record label to represent her.

She also has a Bachelor of Arts in studio composition from State University of New York at Purchase.

3. Her dad was her first stage partner.

The Warwick, New York native's father would accompany her on the acoustic guitar since she was eight years old, she told Glamour. The budding singer was also in an all-girls punk/pop band during her middle school days.

4. She has released three EPs and an album as an Indie artist.

Like rising Irish singer songwriter Dermot Kennedy whom we recently profiled, Vérité can largely thank Spotify for bringing her music to the masses. 

Her cover of the 1975’s “Somebody Else” performed well on the streaming service, eventually making its way to the "Today's Top Hits" playlist along with some of her other notable tracks. 

5. Her latest release is a musical interpretation of apathy, depression, and boredom.

Speaking about the newly released "Somewhere in Between", she told COOLS, “All of the writing I was doing was just feeling things in different ways, an analysis of my reality and the environment my head was in.”

“It was written in a cold, detached place but it was still a very honest reading of where I was. It was a really interesting experience to go back and start performing the songs and reinterpreting them live. That’s the beauty of making music, it’s always open to reinterpretation and different meanings to different people," she said.

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You can listen to her work on Spotify here and check out upcoming gigs here.