OK ladies who do you think is sexier?

It's the Battle of the Sexy Bad Boys, Rob Pattinson vs. Colin Farrell.

Here are the categories:


Right off the bat, this is a close one. But when you put things in perspective, the winner is clear.

Farrell is pretty much inarguably Ireland’s hottest high profile actor. He’s got confidence, he’s fit, and he has that dark, smoldering look down pat.

Pattinson is easy on the eyes, but compared to other young British actors like Orlando Bloom and Ed Westwick, and mature studs like Clive Owen and Hugh Grant, RPatz is looking kind of drab.

Plus, as stated many a time on IrishCentral, Pattinson describes himself as looking like an “old Irish alcoholic.” Colin Farrell is an older Irish (former) alcoholic, and he still looks damn good – major points there.

WINNER: Farrell


In the past, Colin has quipped: “It's not that I'm stupid. I just don't think sometimes.”


How does he recover from this one?

WINNER: Pattinson


RPatz is being portrayed in the tabloids as a bad boy. He parties out at pubs a lot, and he’s rumored to be a bit of player, dating several women at once, including “Twilight” co-star Kristin Stewart.

But let’s face it: Colin Farrell is not just known as Ireland’s bad boy – he’s been dubbed Hollywood’s bad boy.

The Irish actor sobered up in rehab in 2006 and is a great father to his two sons, but in his earlier days, he was known more for his hard-partying ways than his acting abilities.

From smoking on the red carpet, to boozing it up in Ireland and the U.S.’s hottest nightclubs on a nightly basis, Farrell has pulled all the bad boy tricks.

He’s hooked up with ladies from Playboy models to Britney Spears, and a sex tape with one of the models was released in 2005.

In the same year, Farrell allegedly spent three hours propositioning his 70-year-old co-star Dame Eileen Atkins for sex.

The list goes on, but do we really have to?

WINNER (by a landslide): Farrell


Farrell’s boyish ways are somewhat charming, but then he’ll come out with things like this:

“I couldn't care less about who sees my bits ... My friends asked how I could do scenes like that and not get excited, but it wasn't like that. My bits looked the size of a cashew nut!”

Meanwhile, the more understated Pattinson goes about his business in a more mysterious, captivating way. Plus, he says endearing things like:

“I went to one of these signing conventions. [in '06] It was one of the most interesting experiences I've had. It was so strange that people would pay for autographs. You keep thinking you should do a little dance for them as well or something.”

And modest things like this:

"When I was entering the building, I saw a girl, and she was so baffled by me; she just looked so underwhelmed. I'm like, ‘Don't worry. I get that all the time.’”

In the end, the dashing Brit wins.

WINNER: Pattinson


As stated in the Brosnan/RPatz face-off, Pattinson has had both impressive and big name roles, from playing Salvador Dali in “Little Ashes” to starring roles in blockbusters “Harry Potter” and “Twilight.”some crap roles. “Miami Vice” was a flop, and let’s not even broach the subject of “Alexander.”

But then his starring role in Martin McDonagh’s “In Bruges” came along, and Farrell showed his true acting chops, winning worldwide critical acclaim and a Golden Globe Best Actor award.

The buzz around his new films “Ondine” and “Triage” is positive as well.

WINNER: Farrell

And with a score of 3-2, looks like once again, the Irishman has triumphed over the British vampire.