I've gotten a ton of e-mails from fans wondering if I knew the scoop on the Andrea Corr CD. Call off your dogs! I have no idea why her CD, "Ten Feet High," has yet to see release. Like many of you, I am itching to hear what she cooked up with producer Bono. For people itching to hear what she sounds like on her own, might I suggest visiting myspace.com/andreacorrofficial, where a few samples of the CD can be heard? Though the album reportedly tanked in other territories, I must say that the few tracks I heard were fantastic. Corr has apparently embraced electronica for her first solo effort. She has found her inner Depeche Mode with the sultry track "Hello Boys" sounding like "Personal Jesus." "Essentially, the song is about the madam of a brothel, the kind that only entertains certain special customers and is, therefore, by far the most desirable of all," she says. "I really don't know where the song came from. The mind can go to some quite strange places, can't it?" She confirms that her siblings have not broken up the band; they merely took a well-needed hiatus to live lives and raise families. "We had an amazing time and some remarkable opportunities," she says on her Myspace page. "In many ways we were always exhausted, jetlagged the whole time, and forever rushing from country to country and continent to continent, chasing our success. I'm not complaining, far from it - it was the time of our lives - but everything else was put on hold. Basically, we wanted some time off, an opportunity to breathe." I hope to pick one up when I am in London in the next two weeks, so look for a review soon!