Calling all social singles in New York City! The New York Irish Center in Long Island City is hosting a blind date night on February 8.  It’s the perfect opportunity to nab a date in time for Valentine’s Day and help raise funds to bring an acclaimed new show to Ireland.

Award winning Irish actress Jo Kinsella will play the role as blind date host at the event.  

Based on the hit British dating game show, the night will bring singles of all ages and sexes together for an evening of laughter and romance. Participants will ask questions to three possible suitors, whose identity will be revealed after they choose their blind date.

After the reveal, the couple will select their date from a number of options including a romantic gondola ride, movie night, and a shopping spree to name a few. There will also be spot prizes on the night.

With endless possibilities on the night for singles who are willing to mingle, the occasion has already been endorsed by playwright Jimmy Kerr and champion boxer (and now actor) John Duddy.

All proceeds will go towards bringing the cast of Laoise Sexton’s 'For Love' to Ireland for the show’s upcoming countrywide tour.

Starring Duddy, Georgina McKevitt and Kinsella, the play revolves around the “mating habits and close encounters of a bunch of 30-somethings” in what is described as a dark “blue comedy.”

“We need your support to bring this play home to Ireland,” Kinsella said.

Originally from Co. Kilkenny, Kinsella was awarded the "The 1st Irish Special Achievement Award for Remarkable contributions to 1st Irish Theatre Festival 2012" in which she performed in two plays "House Strictly Private" by Jimmy Kerr and "For Love" by Laoisa Sexton.

Blind date tickets are $25 at the door with an open cocktail hour from 7-8 p.m. To nominate a contestant or participate call Jane McCarter at 718-482-0909 or email at

'Blind Date' host Jo