From Rod Vick, the well-loved author of Irish dance novels comes a new trilogy, “Coins of the Dagda”, a suspenseful journey of dance through time. First in the series is “Dance of Time.”

When 14-year-old Dare McClaren finds a note from her father, who died in a tragic accident a year earlier, she is mystified to find that it was written in 1946. Dare and her best friend must race against the clock to find out what really happened at the first Skyview Feis, in Chicago in 1946, and solve a riddle that could save the world, and discover what really happened to her father.

Vick proves, once again, that he has a gift for creating a well-paced story that will pull you through the story at break-neck speed. He creatively weaves Irish dancing throughout the story in a non-intrusive way that you will be able to appreciate, even if you aren't a dancer.

The storyline is creative and takes a few twists and turns that you may not anticipate. Vick incorporated the culture and times of the 1940s, with references to Shirley Temple, the Willis Tower, and Little Orphan Annie, to name a few. And as an added bonus, there is a handy guide included that gives you background to the technology, events, and culture of the time.

You may feel, as I did, that the ending of the book was a bit rushed, but you can be assured that Dare will be back in “Dance of Secrets: Book Two” in the “Coins of the Dagda” trilogy.

Readers will look forward to seeing where Dare McClaren feis's next, and learning about the time period that she will travel to.