Robert Pattinson turned down a role in James Franco's tribute to Brad Renfro saying he 'didn't see the point'.

Franco, "127 Hours" star, who was recently slammed for a lack luster hosting role at the Oscars, will debut his movie "Rebel" at the Venice Biennale art festival in Italy. The movie is a tribute to Brad Renfro, the young actor who beat Franco to a lead role in the movies "Deuces Wild" in 2002. He died from an accidental heroin overdose, in January 2008.

Franco, who carved the name 'Brad' into his shoulder' told Playboy magazine " Heath Ledger died a week after Brad, and I feel Brad has been forgotten already. They didn't even mention his death at the Oscars that year."



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He also said that he had wanted "Twlight" star Robert Pattinson to be involved in the project.

He continued "Some of the best contemporary artists alive - Paul MCCarthy, Douglas Gordon, Ed Ruscha, Harmony Korine - worked on different sections.

"I wanted Robert Pattinson to be in the project, but when Harmony contacted him and told him the concept, Rob said, 'I don't get the point!'"

Franco also added that he really wanted to be part of the "Twilight" movies. He explained "I had my agent tell [director] Bill Condon that I’d’ be happy to do anything in Breaking Dawn…was working with a Yale undergraduate who had written an autobiographical play about putting on a theatrical production of Twilight in which I was a character. So I was interested in Twilight because I was going to be part of that play. I thought what a great connection it would be if I were also involved with the real Twilight."