Heartthrob and sassy vampire player, Robert Pattinson is to appear on the Jimmy Fallon show next month.

The "Twilight" saga movie star, and mega hot actor Robbie is set to appear on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" either early March 1 or 2. Representatives for the hottie are just trying to figure out his hectic schedule.

Robert will probably talk about his role in "Remember Me" in which he plays a rebellious guy who acts out a lot until he meets a gal pal. Isn't it always the way with handsome men!

Robert stars alongside another Irish heart-breaker, albeit older, Pierce Brosnan in "Remember Me."

But the bigger excitement will come in June when Robbie baby will reprise his role as bloodsucking Edward Cullen in the second edition of the "Twilight Saga; Eclipse."

We just can't wait!!!