Reach for the smelling salts Robert Pattinson fans. Today the "Twilight" star came out of the closet as yet another in this week's series of "fortunate homosexual" men. That's two major stars in four days and it's not even Friday yet.

In a shocking announcement that's running on right now the floppy-haired star reveals: "I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man. I am very blessed to be who I am."

The popular celebrity blog writes that Pattinson was pressured to remain quiet by Summit, the studio behind the "Twilight" films, or to at least hold off his announcement until after the latest "Twilight" flick "Breaking Dawn" was completed.

"Other people around him have also tried to discourage him from admitting his sexuality, as not everyone is ready to accept the truth," says the report.

That sound you hear is a million teenage hearts breaking. That other sound you hear is a million teenage boys washing their bed sheets.

Some people think that the April 1 dateline on this shocking story makes it deeply suspicious and they are already hopping mad at the well-known celebrity website for pulling their leg.

Others say if the report's not true today it will be one day. Right, Ricky? Personally, we have our doubts.