Looking exactly like the breathless commercials for fluoride toothpaste they are, the cast of 'Twilight' braved the red carpet in Los Angles last night for the highly anticipated premiere of 'Eclipse' the latest installment of the vampires and romantic torment series.

Robert Pattinson lived up to his nickname of Bobby Sparklepants in an eye-popping maroon suit that was, in fact, the most dramatic moment of the evening.

Co-star Kristen Stewart opted for an icy white dress that made her look as if she'd stuck her torso into a freezer a little too long. She accessorized the look with a blood red manicure and - for once - a hearty smile.

Taylor Lautner dressed conservatively in banker chic: a grey suit and tie that clashed violently with his spiky hairdo. But Lautner, who seems to have just one facial expression, and Stewart, who usually looks like she'd rather be anywhere other than where she is, we're both upstaged by the languid laughing Pattinson.

Now, if only the movie can live up to all the drama happening behind the scenes.