TV Guide has done their annual round-up of the best and worst in television for the year and has named Tristan MacManus, Irish ballroom dancer on ABC’s ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ as one of their breakout stars for 2011. This past season marked MacManus’ first run on DWTS. He impressed judges and viewers alike by waltzing into the quarter-finals with television-host partner Nancy Grace.

Dublin native MacManus had his work cut out for him when he was paired with the outspoken Grace as she had little to no experience nor natural skill when it came to the ballroom dancing. Her dancing often drew comparisons to animals’ waddles from the judges throughout the season.

MacManus, no doubt, held his own though. He wooed both viewers and judges with his Irish charm, wit and good looks. His talent as a dancer was undeniable as well, and managed to coach Grace into the eighth week of competition, not an easy feat. Of the three new dancers added to the roster for DWTS’ thirteenth season, MacManus was the only one to make it past the first few weeks.
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MacManus and Grace - dubbed early on as ‘Team MacGrace’ - had an endlessly entertaining banter. With his Irish banter, and her outspoken nature, the two came to butt heads at times, but almost always in an adorably teasing manner. At the end of the day, the two were always supportive of each other.

Said Grace of their relationship to People Magazine: ““There wasn't one day that passed that [partner Tristan MacManus and I] didn't laugh like mad about something. [We] usually [laughed] about me. Regardless of how we were portrayed for [package] sound bytes, we actually never argued."  Even the sometimes stone-cold Grace was evidently smitten with MacManus.

The judges were fans of MacManus as well, though he was often dragged down by his partner Grace. Judges were impressed with his skill, and entertained with his Irish accent, making him the focus of the spoof ‘DanceCenter’ video, seen below.

When the two were finally voted off, Twitter went abuzz with cries from adorers that MacManus would be sorely missed, and called for him to be included in the upcoming fourteenth season. No word yet on whether or not the Irish heart-throb will be making a return.

MacManus wasn’t the only member of DWTS to named to the list of Breakout Stars. J.R. Martinez, who ultimately claimed the mirrorball trophy in victory, was also put on the list. Kerry native Michael Fassbender was put on the list for his work in ‘Shame,’ and Irish American actress Jessica Chastain was included for her prolific work in ‘The Help,’ ‘Take Shelter’ and ‘Tree of Life.’

Below, get a chuckle out of MacManus’ accent on the spoof ‘DanceCenter’: