Irish pro-dancer Tristan MacManus and TV host partner Nancy Grace were voted off of ABC’s ‘Dancing with the Stars’ on Tuesday following lackluster performances and tough competition. Irish hearthrob MacManus is already being missed by some of his most devoted fans.

Twitter was abuzz this week with tweets longing for the return of MacManus for DWTS’ 14th season next year:

@KellyW310: #DWTS needs to bring Tristan MacManus back next season!

@charity1224: @DancingABC Me & thousands of other fans say BRING BACKTRISTAN MACMANUS for season 14 #DWTS !!! We already miss him :-D @TristanDWTSFans

@HeatherW784: Dear #DWTS you guys better bring Tristan back next season!! He's the best!!

Some, however, just longed for the Irish stud:

@anners5678: why isn't tristan macmanus my boyfriend? he can dance, he's irish, has tattoos and is wearing a beatles shirt on tv right now. #callme

@MandiElyse: I will take myself one Tristan MacManus please! #hotness #DWTS

@JessLuvsDDUB: Pro Tristan Macmanus from #DWTS is yummy! love that Irish accent :)



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Surely, MacManus’ playful Irish charm and good-natured teasing with partner Nancy Grace tugged on some viewers’ heartstrings. Grace reflected on her time dancing with partner Tristan to People Magazine: “There wasn't one day that passed that [partner Tristan MacManus and I] didn't laugh like mad about something. [We] usually [laughed] about me. Regardless of how we were portrayed for [package] sound bytes, we actually never argued."

In a video posted by The Hollywood Reporter, Tristan notes how the duo is not disappointed with the elimination, but instead pleased with how far they made it, often despite poor reviews from the judges. “Nothing to be disappointed about, we done great. We went out on a high,” said MacManus.

Nancy noted how Tristan was being modest in said video, and pointed out that he was the first time pro-dancer to go past the mid-mark of the season.

Tristan and Nancy will be missed in the remainder of the season of DWTS, which features four talented duos from now on. Are you pulling for Irishman Tristan MacManus to come back for next season?

Video: The Hollywood Reporter speaks with Tristan & Nancy following their elimination from DWTS: