Oscar-winning actors Adrien Brody and Tim Robbins are set to star in an epic new Chinese-made film that tells the story of an infamous episode of the Japanese invasion of China during World War II.

Back to 1942, directed by Feng Xiaogang, is an adaptation of a novel by Liu Zhenyun starring Xu Fan (Aftershock) and Zhang Hanyu (Assembly) with support from two of Hollywood's most famous leading men, Robbins and Brody.

Brody won an Oscar for his turn in the World War II drama The Pianist, but this tale is a little different. The question is if it will see major distribution and interest in the United States.

According to First Showing, Back To 1942 chronicles the devastating famine that struck the Henan Province in 1942, during the Japanese occupation.

Watch the trailer below:

Adrien Brody in 'Back to 1942'