Niall Horan from One DirectionGoogle Images

Niall Horan fans across the world took to Twitter yesterday to confess their love for the only Irish member of hit boy band One Direction. The hashtag #10ReasonILoveNiall prompted responses from thousands of eager fans.

Direct from Twitter here are just a flavor of some of the reasons to love the Mullingar teenager.

1.    He is gorgeous. ‏ @TeamMalikx 

2.    He's perfect, He's Irish, He sings,plays guitar, nicest accent, blue eyes, amazing laugh, cute, loves food &he's Niall. @Jadore1Dx 

3.    Kind, cutes, the one and only blond hair, youngest, sweets, famous, not handsome too, little Lazy, unique, dreamer.. @AnisaPrihantini

4.    He's the funniest creature you ever did know @1DirectionerNY

5.    He is Irish! @1Dsharon

6.    The laugh.. his cute adorable amazing gorgeous laugh. @LetMalikZaynNow

7.    His eyes, his hair, the way he smiles. The list could go on. @ollie_watkins

8.    He's beautiful.He can sing.He's Irish.His eyes.He's sweet. He's caring.His Smile.His laugh.His passion.♥ @lexii_neumann

9.    HIS VOICE @Gotta_BeOneD

10.  I love him because he has beautiful eyes, hair, perfect smile, and his style is cool! @nikol_horan