Now that we have lost our great hero Conan O'Brien because of  those stiffs at NBC , here are the top ten reasons all his Irish fans will miss him.

I. In a black out his carrot top could help lead everyone to safety .

2. He's actually royalty. O'Brien means descended from Brian Boru, high king of Ireland.

3. As against royalty, David Letterman is clearly descended from a mailman.
4. No one called Conan, apart from Conan the barbarian, has ever been famous.
5. Jay Leno is descended from  hamburgers, His name is a derivation of the German family name Lienau from Hamburg – true.

6. Nothing rhymes with Leno or Letterman. O’Brien. fine/wine/lying (as in NBC) etc.

7. O'Brien's hilarious visit to his Irish roots in Kerry could not be topped.

8. Foxes (as in Fox network) have red hair so does O'Brien .

9. No one else ever gave an entire late show over to U2.

10. His ratings only  went up after he was fired - very Irish.