With the countdown on until Damian McGinty makes his first appearance in ‘Glee’ in the coming weeks, we put together some of his best quotes which offer an insight into the Irishman’s outlook on life.

1. On Success, he told TVLine.com:

"The best advice I ever got was that you don’t believe bad critiques, but you don’t believe good ones either. And I feel like if you follow that, you will stay true to yourself."

2. On almost being sent home from 'The Glee Project,’ he told TVLine.com:

"I had to get over that quite quickly, and move on and battle and fight, and prove to them they would’ve made a huge mistake sending me home, and that I was the person they were looking for."
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3.  On winning ‘The Glee Project,’ he told IrishCentral.com:

“This doesn’t happen to people from Ireland, especially from Derry, it just doesn’t happen. To get to be on the biggest TV show in America is just a dream come true.”

4.  On his time with Celtic Thunder, he told IrishCentral.com:

“I can’t say enough about Sharon and Phil. They really catapulted me to where I am today. Celtic Thunder took me under their wing, taught me experience and groomed me for who I am today,”

5.  On watching himself cry on ‘The Glee Project,’ he told TVLine.com:

“I don’t like seeing myself cry like I did during Vulnerability week. It’s not something I normally do, to be honest, and that was a sad, awkward moment. Watching yourself go through pain is hard. But apart from that, I’m not going to find anything too embarrassing because I don’t take myself too seriously.”