Today's Irish entertainment Roundup:

Marvel hints there could be an 'Iron Man 4' without Robert Downey Jr - VIDEO

With “Iron Man 3” breaking records at the box office on opening weekend and quickly surpassing the billion dollar worldwide mark it is little wonder that there’s a buzz about “Iron Man 4.” However, there seems to be a question over the lovably cheeky Tony Stark actor, Robert Downey Jr...READ MORE


Bradley Cooper says the end of 'The Hangover' franchise is bittersweet

The actor found filming the third and final instalment of the comedy an emotional experience and is disappointed he won't be reunited with his co-stars for another booze-induced movie misadventure...READ MORE


‘One Direction’ lothario Harry Styles is reportedly being romantically pursued by Ke$ha and Rihanna

The 19-year-old lothario reportedly has a host of beauties awaiting his arrival when he and One Direction visit the US next month on their 'Take Me Home' tour, and as well as Ke$ha and Rihanna Rod Stewart's daughter Kimberly is keen to see him again after they spent a night together in Los Angeles last month...READ MORE


'Great Gatsby' star Joel Edgerton tipped to co-star with Johnny Depp in Whitey Bulger biopic

Joel Edgerton, the Australian actor currently wowing them on the big screen as Tom Buchanan in 'The Great Gatsby', has just closed a deal to star alongside Johnny Depp in the crime thriller Black Mass, which tells the story of the difficult alliance between the FBI and notorious Boston criminal Whitey Bulger...READ MORE


The top ten Irish movies of all time to make you laugh and cry - VIDEOS

"Waking Ned Devine" - Charming comedy set in a tiny, rural Irish town. When lottery winner Ned Devine is found dead - lottery ticket in hand and all - the townsfolk ban together to fool the authorities into thinking Ned is alive so they can receive the cash and share it. Starring Ian Bannen and Fionnula Flanagan...READ MORE


Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) tinkering with some new toys in “Iron Man 3”Marvel