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Why Irish roads will drive you wild - the ten top reasons revealed - PHOTOS

Irish roads and driving in Ireland generally get a bad rap internationally but remember Ireland is only 250 miles long and 174 miles wide so getting around really isn't that hard - if you can avoid potholes you can swim in, animals, tractors, signs to nowhere, etc...READ MORE


In memoriam of James Gandolfini Irish student recreates 'The Soprano' opening credits in Cork city - VIDEO

Following the untimely death of New Jersey actor James Gandolfini in Rome last week took a look at Alan Burn's remake of the opening scene of "The Soprano" set in Cork City...READ MORE


John Travolta has promised to care for the family of late actor James Gandolfini

The 'Sopranos' star - who is survived by his wife Deborah Lin and their daughter Liliana, eight months - suffered a fatal heart attack  and his friend has vowed to return an old favour...READ MORE


Bill Maher defends Paula Deen controversy - says Food Network shouldn't have fired her - VIDEO

Political satirist Bill Maher has no doubt that Paula Deen's admission of using racist language is reprehensible...READ MORE


Beloved funny crooner Josh Groban tweets in Irish after O2 Arena Dublin gig - VIDEO

Self titled "Professional Scribbler, Warbler, and Ivory Tickler" Josh Groban played Dublin on Sunday evening and evidently had a great time...READ MORE


Twisting and turning - Ireland's roads get a bad rap international but is it warranted?Google Images