Today's top Irish entertainment stories:

Kate Middleton's Irish ambition, 'I'd love to visit Ireland some day'

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, known around the world as “Kate,” wants to visit Ireland, according to a local Donegal man…READ MORE


Irish student’s 'Breaking Bad' Miley Cyrus twerking video is now a meme

The video has close to 3 million views on YouTube but little did Sam Barnett know that his “Breaking Bad” and Miley Cyrus twerking mashup would become a meme…READ MORE


Stephen Colbert mocks Bill O'Reilly's Reagan vs. Syria argument (VIDEO)

Stephen Colbert mocked Bill O’Reilly and conservative politicians for turning the late Ronald Reagan into a hypothetical super hero who would have stopped Syria’s Assad from using chemical weapons, repealed Obamacare, and reversed most of the decisions he made while he was actually president…READ MORE


Recently un-emigrated Irish woman’s Ireland bucket list (PHOTOS)

My name is Clare and I make videos on YouTube. I recently un-emigrated from Australia because I realised that Ireland might just be the greatest country in the world…READ MORE


Matthew McConaughey isn't hoping to win an Oscar Award for 'Dallas Buyers Club'

The 43-year-old actor insists he didn't take on the role of real-life AIDS victim Ron Woodroof in the drama movie to be recognized at the Academy Awards but to tell an important story and broaden his career…READ MORE