Today's top Irish entertainment stories:

Amazing three-year-old golfer Ireland’s next Rory McIlroy? (VIDEO)

Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods should be quaking in their boots watching this three-year-old, Michael Patton, lobbing golf balls into a pretty small hole, at least 15 yards away, and adorably giggling all the while…READ MORE


Ten useful English words invented in Ireland

Here are some choice Irish words which have their roots in the Gaelic language and traditions…READ MORE


Miley Cyrus still admires Sinead O’Connor but Annie Lennox and Cher weigh in

Miley Cyrus appeared on the “The Today Show” with Matt Lauer on Monday morning following her successful “Saturday Night Live” hosting role on Saturday. The “Wrecking Ball” singer spoke about her online spat with Sinead O’Connor and insisted she’s still a big fan of the Irish singer following the controversial open letter and Twitter feud….READ MORE


Stephen Colbert weds couple forced to postpone wedding due to shutdown (VIDEO)

Comedy Central star Stephen Colbert  assumed the role of a church minister last Thursday when he married a couple who were forced to postpone their wedding due to the Government shutdown….READ MORE


Aertv launch Ireland’s only Live Sports video

Aertv, an Irish online TV platform, has just launched, Ireland’s only Live and Video on demand Sports platform. Aertv SportsLive will give Irish sports the opportunity to show their events to a worldwide audience with fans able to access the content for free…READ MORE