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Fox News' new prime-time star Megyn Kelly tops Bill O'Reilly's ratings (VIDEO)

Fox News may have a new rising star in their prime time line-up. Megyn Kelly, a transplant from the channel's daytime line-up, topped Bill O'Reilly's ratings on the second night of her show this week…READ MORE


Top ten offensive Irish t-shirts that should have never been made (PHOTOS)

With less than six months to go until St. Patrick’s Day, we thought it was a good time to dig up some of the worst Irish t-shirts on the market…READ MORE


Off the Record: An open letter to Sinead O’Connor, put the pen down

Did you ever hear of that American Southern phrase “bless her heart?” Translated into English, it actually means, “Her intentions were good, but lawdy, she’s a hot mess.”…READ MORE


Halloween horrors, top ten real life ghost sightings in Ireland

Ireland has a rich history of sightings of ghosts and spirits all around the country. From specters to strange appearances, here are ten of some of the more recent encounters just in time for Halloween…READ MORE


Tip sheet: Irish arts events light up New York’s October

Stoked Fest, an exciting new one-day film festival for kids brought to you by the people behind the long running Craic Irish Film Festival, is scheduled for October19 at the Long Beach Hotel on Long Island…READ MORE