Today's top Irish entertainment stories:

The Sun must be getting to them – Dublin taxi driver dancing to Daft Punk goes viral – VIDEO

A taxi driver looking for fares in Dublin recently got more than what he bargained for when he came across a party in the streets in Dublin’s city center…READ MORE


Glenn Beck’s show preaching his version of the history of the world sells out - VIDEO

Conservative TV personality Glenn Beck hosted a show that was promoted as a way to “help people see America’s history from a completely different point of view,” the Daily Mail reports…READ MORE


‘Kick Ass 2’ star Jim Carrey apologizes for insulting gun supporters

The actor - who plays Colonel Stars and Stripes in 'Kick Ass 2' - embarked on a war of words with pro firearm campaigners after he claimed he couldn't support the superhero sequel's release due to its extreme violence following the 2012 Sandy Hook school shootings…READ MORE


Stacy Keibler dumped George Clooney because he doesn't want children

While the couple had been dating for over two years, Stacy, 33, is reportedly ready to settle down and have children and called time on her relationship with George, 52, because he has made it clear he has no wish to get married and start a family…READ MORE


Can't stand the heat! Niall Horan strips off as he cools himself off with giant fan

Never mind the heat wave in Ireland, One Direction star Niall Horan is struggling to deal with the rising temperatures he’s experiencing on the band’s world tour…READ MORE


Dublin taxi driver dancing to Daft Punk goes viralYouTube