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Scientology insider says church attempted to recruit Bono and Brad Pitt

Irish rocker Bono and film star Brad Pitt were courted by Scientology's top brass in the hope they'd join the controversial church, an author has claimed….READ MORE


Top ten reasons to love Irish redheads (PHOTOS)

Although the typical view of Irish people is that we all have red hair and freckles just ten percent of the population are redheads…READ MORE


Carrot-topped filmmaker to inspire pride in ginger locks at Redhead Convention (VIDEO)

An American filmmaker has told how he hopes his new movie will inspire Ireland's redheads to take pride in their ginger locks…READ MORE


Jane Lynch says Cory Monteith's tribute episode of 'Glee' will be ‘beautiful’

The 53-year-old actress - who plays tough-talking cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester on the musical show - read the dialogue for the emotional episode for the first time on Wednesday  and is grateful to the show's creators and writers for how they have decided to say farewell to Cory's character Finn Hudson…READ MORE


Michael Lohan thinks he is to blame for Lindsay's problems problems

The father of the troubled star - who has had various legal woes in recent years including jail stints and most recently undergoing a court ordered 90-day stint in rehab - says he and his ex-wife, Dina, should take responsibility for the way she is because they divorced when she was young and had a volatile relationship…READ MORE


Bono and Brad Pitt at a ONE event in