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A guide to cursing in Irish for St. Patrick’s Day - get your Irish up with these phrases ‘as Gaelige’

This St. Patrick’s Day, we may all be wearing green but that doesn’t mean our language can’t be a little more colourful!

It’s a strange talent to boast of but the Irish people have always been somewhat inventive with their swearing and cursing abilities and none more so than the native Irish speakers who are particularly gifted...READ MORE


Colin Farrell, Jessica Chastain to shoot period movie 'Miss Julie' in Co. Fermanagh

The film adaptation of Swedish playwright August Strindberg’s Miss Julie is to be filmed in Castle Coole, Fermanagh. Due for release in 2014, the film will star Colin Farrell, Jessica Chastain and Samantha Morton...READ MORE


Tabloid magazine claims Casey Anthony is pregnant

The National Enquirer has reported that Casey Anthony is telling close friends that she is pregnant and is “thrilled” by the chance to prove that she is a good mother...READ MORE


Cook and bake like the Irish for St. Patrick’s Day with these traditional Irish recipes

The Irish love their cooking and baking and they’re finally getting their due for the level of taste and sophistication contained in their efforts. This Saint Patrick’s Day why not follow these classic Irish recipes for a genuine taste (and aroma) of home?..READ MORE


Lindsay Lohan will get no more plea deals - troubled star could face more than 245 days in jail

The 26-year-old actress - who is charged with lying to police about driving her car during a crash last June and previously declined deals that would see her go to jail for 45 days, rehab for 90 days or be placed under house arrest for 90 days - is reportedly still confident she will be acquitted as prosecutors prepare for her trial next Tuesday, March 19...READ MORE


Leprechauns, or little people, and their heritage have been protected on a European directive thanks to a group of lobbyists in Carlingford, Co. Louth.Visual Photos / UpperCut RF