Tim Burton is currently in talks with Robert Downey Jr to have the actor take on the role of Geppetto in his live-action film remake of ‘Pinocchio.’ Burton’s take on the classic story will focus on Geppetto searching to reunite with the wooden marionette, Pinocchio, who Geppetto crafted himself.

The Hollywood Reporter writes that the project is still very much in early development stages, but that all parties involved seem very interested in helping the project move forward. The script, which was called “well-regarded” by The Hollywood Reporter, was penned by ‘Pushing Daisies’ creator Bryan Fuller. Dan Jinks, producer of ‘American Beauty’, is set to produce the project.
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Neither Burton nor Downey has a deal in place yet with Warner Brothers Studios for the project, though both are looking to get the ball rolling. Scheduling, however, is proving to be a point of conflict. “Warners wants to move quickly with ‘Pinocchio,’ so if Burton chooses to make another movie first, the studio might move on to other directors,” said The Hollywood Reporter.

Similarly, accommodating Downey’s busy schedule to fit with Warners’ plans and Burton’s may prove difficult, despite Downey showing interest in both the project and working with Burton.

If the deal goes through, Warner Brothers will again be working with Robert Downey Jr, after pairing up with the actor for the ‘Sherlock Holmes’ franchise. Currently, ‘Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows’ is in theaters. Downey also worked with Warner Brothers for the 2010 comedy ‘Due Date.’

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