Learn a new language

Always wanted to learn a new language but never thought you had the time? Now’s your chance to start your journey towards fluency in Spanish, French, German, Japanese… whatever you please! There are plenty of resources available to learn a new language, however, perhaps the most popular app to try out first is DuoLingo. 

Do a 30-day fitness challenge

Being stuck indoors means that we need to keep our fitness up - since we’re not out and about, moving around like we are used to. Doing a little bit of a workout every day is needed to keep yourself in good health. Luckily, there are plenty of 30 day or six-week fitness challenges to work your way around. From yoga to dance classes, weights, and pilates, there is something for everyone.

Have a conference call party with your friends

Just because you can’t see your friends in person doesn’t mean that you can’t all get together virtually. Grab a drink and some snacks and settle in for a few hours to chit chat with all your favorite people. Houseparty has been popular throughout quarantine, however, you can use Zoom, Facebook Messenger, Skype, or whichever platform gets the most votes amongst your friend group.

Binge watch your old favorite TV show

If you’ve already caught up with Tiger King and the latest Ozark and you’re wondering what on Netflix you haven’t seen - just forget about it. Go and revisit an old favorite instead - whether it’s Seinfeld, Star Trek, or even old episodes of Days of Our Lives. You should be able to dig up what you’re looking for somewhere on the internet.

Do an online course

There are so many short courses online that can help progress your career. Online course providers like Coursera even run university courses - some self-paced, others a week by week commitment. Take your career further by enrolling in a course in Cybersecurity, Psychology, Health and Safety, or whatever will give you that step up after all this is over.

Play some slots online

Missing the fun of the casino, or wondering what it’s all about? You can play modern slot games online, both on your computer or on your phone. You play at real online casinos, which means you have the opportunity to win real money - plus there are free bonuses you can claim too. Check out this big list of casinos where you can grab free spins.

Become a MasterChef

Whether you’re already a culinary queen or king, or you’ve never cooked a day in your life, cooking is one of those at-home tasks that are both productive as well as cathartic - and can leave you very pleased with the end result (and anyone else in the household, too). There are millions of recipe aggregators, cooking bloggers, and YouTube series to help you get a handle on new recipes.

Learn how to trade crypto

Since the world’s currencies are in a bit of a state at the moment, crypto is looking like a more stable place to invest - as these digital coins aren’t tied to any one currency in particular. There are plenty of guides online that will tell you how to get up and running with crypto, however, a good jump-off point for beginners is Coinbase.

Reconnect with an old friend

Whatever happened to such and such? Just like now as good a time as any to stalk any and all of your exs, it’s an even better time to reconnect with an old friend you haven’t chatted to in a few months or years. Reach out online and set up some (virtual) face to face time.

Get into gaming

While casual gaming, like playing slots, is all well and good, if you want something that will keep you immersed for a couple of hours, then you’ll need to look into something a bit meatier. If you don’t have a console at home, then download Steam and check out the huge range of games available on PC.

Start a YouTube or TikTok channel

Why is everyone else getting all the views when it could be you? If you have a great idea for a YouTube or TikTok account, now is the time to bring that baby to life. Practice, practice, practice, until you’re ready to post - then share with everyone you know.

Learn online marketing

You can even pair this one with the point above. If you ever want to start your own business, whatever it may be, then marketing - and in particular, online marketing - is an essential component. Rather than pay someone to do it, learn the ins and out of online marketing now so you know what to do when you start your business. Resources like HubSpot are a good go-to for those getting started in the online marketing space.