Funny guys Paul Rudd and Jason Segel talked about their Irish links during a press tour for the European opening of their comedy "I Love You, Man," and though you wouldn’t think it, Segel says he’s Irish.

“Segel -- that's Galway, right? Segel's the Jewish side of me, but the other side is Laird. Half Irish. I grow a bright ginger beard,” the comic told the Evening Herald newspaper. Hmmmm . . .

Rudd, for his part, didn’t claim Irish ancestry, but his son’s middle name is Sullivan, his parents have vacationed in Ireland and he likes Irish pubs, so much so that he’s in the process of making one for himself.

“I'm building an Irish pub in the basement of my house. Guinness on tap, everything. It's authentic. Or as authentic as you can be not being in Ireland,” he said.