This past summer saw some amazing spontaneous Irish dance wedding performances, but this one at a Belfast wedding, involving former “Lord of the Dance” troupe members, takes the biscuit.

The clip taken at Rob Wilson and Mairead McCargo's wedding reception at the Ramada Hotel in Belfast already has over 700,000 hits on YouTube.

The video sees the “groom and guests team up to perform the greatest Irish wedding dance we've ever seen” which the original uploader Zanni Photographic, dubbed “Liverdance.”

“Forget Flatley, there's a new Lord of the Dance in town...” says the YouTube blurb and we couldn’t agree more.

It continues, “Wedding reception plus boozing plus top-quality Irish dancing? Ladies and gentlemen, we give you Liverdance...”

Although it might look like a planned piece of entertainment according to the crowd the spectacular performance was quite impromptu, however it did help that they are professional dancers.

Conor Flower, one of the dancers and Rob’s nephew said the video, including 30 male guests, wasn’t planned.

He told the Belfast Telegraph, “It was all pretty spur of the moment.

“It wasn't rehearsed for weeks or anything – the lads are all cast members of “Lord Of The Dance” and they just kind of decided to do it."

The bride and groom are both professional dance teachers at The Matthews Academy of Irish Dancing in Coventry in England and former cast members of “Lord Of The Dance.” Both Mairead and Rob toured with the production for eight years and Belfast girl Mairead became one of the principal dancers.

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30 former cast members of “Lord of the Dance” take to the floor in viral Belfast video.YouTube