We’ve heard of ridiculous rider contracts and high-strung demands from superstars but it seems that the list of questions you are not allowed to ask One Direction is endless. It is hard to know whether this interview with Zayn Malik is a joke or not but a Canadian radio show “The Morning Hot Tub” demonstrated live on air how difficult it is to interview the band.

One of the show’s hosts, Rush, wrangled an interview with Malik and was all set to have ten minutes on the phone to the beloved boy band star. Rust’s co-hosts agreed that he is an experienced interviewer having spoken with “everybody from Rihanna to Justin Bieber” and has “never caused a problem”.

As is the norm, Rush firstly had to go through Malik’s handler at the record company who launched into a list of questions and topics that were off limits with the One Direction star.

After hearing the long list of no go items Rush was put on to Malik who was ready for his ten minute chat. Rush was stumped.

He began “I want to talk to you about…no I can’t do that...uh ‘X Factor’?..No. ..Uh...Well, that’s about going to do it for today! Thanks for taking the time and continued success in the future!”

Who could blame him. Here’s a list of the questions and topics that were no go areas:

Who’s is your celebrity crush?
Which of you have girlfriends?
Who came up with the name One Direction?
Anything “X Factor” related.
Worst habits about each other.
Do you fight?
Best prank someone pulled on you?
Describe each other in one word.
Funniest fan stories.
If not in a band what would you be doing?
Preshow rituals.

Maybe it’s just me but this list makes me think that being in One Direction is some kind drama-filled soap with constant rows, love affairs, and passionate fights about pranks, religion and money! No just me?

Here’s the audio from the show:

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