A special behind-the-scenes film from the Jamie Dornan-fronted season two of "The Tourist" has been unveiled by Tourism Ireland.

The beautiful scenery of Ireland is wowing viewers of the recently released season two of "The Tourist," Tourism Ireland says.

With the first season of "The Tourist" set in Australia, the second season relocates to Ireland, with filming taking place last year in Wicklow, Dublin, and on Achill Island.

To leverage the fantastic opportunity this presents, Tourism Ireland created a short behind-the-scenes film in which executive producer Jamie Dornan (who plays Elliot), Danielle Macdonald (who plays Helen), and executive producer Sarah Hammond talk about filming in Ireland and how spectacular it was.

Dornan, a native of Co Down, says in the behind-the-scenes film: "When people hear you're from Ireland, they always have something good to say about the time they've been there. And usually what they're talking about is the people.

"We shot on Achill Island and it was just breathtaking – we got a glorious sunny day and the clearest crystal blue water you've ever seen!

“It’s been a dream to shoot here. All of it fills my heart.”

Executive producer Sarah Hammond added: “I think series two is all about celebrating just how beautiful Ireland is.”

Elmagh Killeen, Tourism Ireland’s Head of Brand & Marketing Communications, said: “We are delighted that season two of 'The Tourist' was filmed on location here – another fantastic screen tourism opportunity for Tourism Ireland and a really great way to showcase the destination.

"The series is bringing the magnificent scenery of Ireland to the attention of viewers around the world. And, our behind-the-scenes film will remind our millions of followers on social media that the series was shot here, encouraging them to put Ireland on their holiday ‘wish list’.”

"The Tourist" seasons one and two are now streaming on Netflix.

You can watch the behind-the-scenes film of "The Tourist" here: