A taxi driver looking for fares in Dublin recently got more than what he bargained for when he came across a party in the streets in Dublin’s city center.
In the video, the taxi driver, Wayne Karney, starts bouncing along to the music inside the taxi before a woman approaches him and invites him out to dance.
The woman is Andrea Pappin, spokeswoman for Ireland’s presidency of the EU. Nismo Ireland was playing Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” and the crowd had gathered for a bit of fun in the sun.
The Irish Independent reports Karney was just the right man for an impromptu street performance, as he has a background in entertainment. “I'm an actor and entertainer. I was Daniel Day-Lewis’ brother in My Left Foot. I'm an entertainer and singer.”

Karney speaks to his history in entertainment, citing his work in the Digges Lane dance centre. He adds that he’s “driving a taxi between all [his] acting work.”
Karney has been driving taxis for about 12 years and now works with Olive’s Cabs in Co Kildare. It’s unlikely that he’s seen something quite like this in that time, however.
Karney didn’t know with whom he shared the dance, nor that she was a high-ranking political spokeswoman. Though, he did say that “she is absolutely a very nice person. I know by just her demeanor. She's a very nice girl. I'm only out for a bit of fun and there was a lot of fun to be had on that street that night.”
Karney’s dance moves have garnered him nearly 250,00 views since the video was uploaded last Friday.