"The Spark," a song by a group of Irish kids, has finally arrived on streaming platforms as it continues to be hugely viral on social media.

Written and performed by Kabin Crew and Lisdoonvarna Crew, "The Spark" was released as a single by Rubyworks Records on Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, and Tidal on Thursday, June 13 after people all around the world begged for it to be uploaded to streaming platforms.

"The Spark" has been on a perhaps unexpected rise to fame over the past month.

Young rappers from The Kabin Studio, a not-for-profit youth and community-based studio in Cork's northside, teamed up to make the song for Cruinniú na nÓg, Ireland's national day of celebrating youth creativity which will be held on Saturday, June 15 this year.

On May 16, RTÉ featured a clip of "The Spark" in its post on X announcing Cruinniú na nÓg 2024. 

The post went viral (9 million views and counting as of Thursday) with plenty of people wanting to know more about the "belter" of a song.

✨🎵 “I searched for my spark and I found it” ✨🎵

Cruinniú na nÓg, Europe’s only national free day of creativity for young people is back, with over 1,000 free activities, taking place on Saturday, June 15. 🎉#CruinniuNaNog - an initiative of @creativeirl, supported by @rte pic.twitter.com/jTejJdfeIF

— RTÉ (@rte) May 16, 2024

As the post gained traction, RTÉ followed up to give credit for the song to The Kabin Studio, as well as producer Garry McCarthy (aka GMCBeats), the Rhyme Island initiative, as well as the video's filmmaker Seán Downey.

While "The Spark" wasn't on streaming services yet, intrigued viewers took to YouTube to watch and listen to the infectious song and accompanying music video, which has racked up a staggering 1.1 million views in less than a month.

You can watch the music video for "The Spark" here:

Meanwhile, "The Spark" has also spread to the social media platform TikTok where creators have been choreographing dances to the undeniably catchy tune - the sound has been used in more than 22k videos as of Thursday evening, with many in disbelief that a group of Irish kids came up with the hit song.



♬ The Spark - Kabin Crew

Now that "The Spark" is finally on streaming platforms, it looks like the only direction is upward for these talented Irish kids!

Lyrics to "The Spark"

Think you can stop what we do, I doubt it (Doubt it!)

We got the energy, we'll tell you all about it (Bout it!)

I searched for my spark and I found it (Found it!)

Everybody in the crowd start bouncing


Verse 1

Making bangers at a young age (Bangers!)

My pen setting fire to the page (Fire!)

I will show you how to rock that stage

Listen to this in the car you'll be getting road rage

Listen up ‘cos what we do everyday is daycent (Daycent!)

Kabin Crew won’t stop on top of every playlist (Boom!)

If we see a dream you know we’re gonna chase it (Yeah!)

So get over any fear you have just face it (Go on kid!)

That’s my passion and I couldn't live without it (No!)

You can do it like we do it, don't doubt it (Go!)

Any obstacle we find a way around it

If you're proud of who you are and what you do, shout it!


Think u can stop what we do i doubt it (Doubt it)

We got the energy we’ll tell ya all about it (Bout it)

I searched for my spark and i found it (Found it)

Everybody in the crowd start bouncin


Verse 2

Grooving through my town,people be like who are they? (Who?)

Moving to my music yeah that gets me through the day (woo!)

I create my own way feeling super slay (Slay)

Express my art that’s how I communicate

In my imagination, never feeling out of place (No!)

Blast off like a rocket up to outer space (Zoom!)

Living large reaching for the stars

Let them all know us kids are in charge! (That’s right!)

Feeling awesome anytime I rap (When I rap!)

Thoughts blossom when I'm on a track

Spittin bars top class full of energy no cap (No cap!)

Cruinniú na nÓg Rhyme Islands on the map (map!)


Think u can stop what we do i doubt it (Doubt it)

We got the energy we’ll tell ya all about it (Bout it)

I searched for my spark and i found it (Found it)

Everybody in the crowd start bouncin