The singing competition The Voice seems to be the most buzzed about reality show on TV these days, with successful versions launched not only here, but Ireland and the UK as well.

Over in England, Danny O’Donoghue, lead singer of the Dublin band the Script, is making an even bigger name for himself on the show. The Script have a couple of best-selling albums and singles (“For the First Time,” “Breakeven,” etc.), and O’Donoghue is receiving rave reviews for his stint on The Voice alongside other celeb judges of the Black Eyed Peas, the one and only Tom Jones, and pop star Jessie J.

O’Donoghue seems to be the U.K. counterpart to Adam Levine on the U.S. version of The Voice.

There was a view that the panel needed a so-called hunk who would appeal to young female viewers . . . Danny, as a rock star, was an exciting new talent,” one show source said.

For his part, O’Donoghue is delighted about all the extra exposure his stint on the show is bringing to the Script.

“It pulls the Script up to a level we’ve never known before. All the videos and albums are now back in the charts,” he told the Daily Mail.

“I know my stuff. I’ve been writing and performing and producing for 15 years. The Script have a wealth of experience working with people like Boyz II Men, TLC, Justin Timberlake. We’ve edited vocals for Britney Spears.”

The photogenic O’Donoghue has been dating a model for four years and is quite devoted, so much so that he turned down the chance of a get-together with Cameron Diaz, who he met while both appeared on the Today show in New York last year. Diaz gave her number to O’Donoghue’s manager, but he never bothered to make the call.

“I’m happy with my girlfriend. I wasn’t even tempted,” he said.

Paul McCartney has also been impressed with O’Donoghue and his band. Three summers ago the Script opened for Macca at Citi Field in New York, and the cute Beatle had some sound advice for the newcomers seeing that they’d be playing to 80,000 fans each of the three nights.

“He came into our dressing room before the first performance. He stayed for half-an-hour, chatting and giving us advice about how to handle a huge audience,” says O’Donoghue. “I can suffer from nerves so I found what he said really useful.”

The cast of the U.K. reality show The Voice – Jessie J, Danny O’Donoghue, and Tom JonesIrish Voice