Irish band The Script have finally broken into the US market and are now peaking at No. 7 in the top 40 airplay and have reached No. 1 on USA TODAY's hot AC airplay.

This is music to the guys ears.

From Dublin, Ireland, the three lads, singer Danny O'Donaghue, 29, drummer Glen Power, 30 and guitarist Mark Sheehan, 30 are making a name for themselves 3,000 miles from home and they couldn't be happier.

O'Donaghue, whose band has been described as the "new brand of Celtic soul" told USA Today, "I love that we draw from different inspirations: Stevie Wonder to Bob Dylan to U2."

Since breaking the Irish and UK market, the trio have played in front of thousands of people and opened for big rock star bands.

"Playing to 80,000 people, your own people and in your hometown, and with U2! You can't dream of a day like that," O'Donoghue says.

O'Donoghue said its the fans that keep them going and moving forward.

"I love to hear stories of how fans find out about us, and it's not because we're being shoved down anyone's throat," he says. "Word-of-mouth is our greatest weapon."

Although it has taken 15 months to climb to the top of the US charts it was worth the wait, said O'Donaghue.

"Ireland is a small country, so you can do a two-week full-frontal assault with TV and radio and get the publicity done," O'Donoghue said.

"But in America, you can't even make a dent in two weeks. As long as fans get behind us, we'll keep up the fight."

According to Nielsen SoundScan their album "Breakeven" has sold 1.4 million downloads.

The Script kick off their US tour in San Diego this October.

In the mean time they will be working on their second album.