Perhaps the most famous wedding crasher in history, former President Bill Clintonshowed up an Irish wedding last weekend to help one Irish-American couple celebrate their big day.

Clinton was in Ireland for the annual Irish Funds conference in Cork when he took the time to pose for a photo with the newlyweds.

The happy Irish-American couple had their wedding at the luxury Castlemartyr Resort where the 42nd President of the United States was staying. Pat Howard and his wife Kelly Seamans, originally from Minneapolis, were amazed when Clinton strolled over and introduced himself. 

Howard, who hails from Cork, thanked the former president for his contribution to Ireland.

"I thanked him for all he did for the Peace Process and for being such a friend of Ireland," Howard told the Irish Independent.

"That is one photo that is definitely going into the album -- it is a memory that will last us forever," he added.