Star of "Killing of a Sacred Deer" and "Dunkirk," Barry Keoghan, was recently announced among the cast of "The Eternals"

Never give up on your dreams, kids! Even if your dream is to one day be a superhero.

Back when he was just a 20-year-old actor from Dublin and was still yet to become a Hollywood star, Irish actor Barry Keoghan sent comic book legend Stan Lee a tweet asking to be made into a superhero. 

@TheRealStanLee Stan Lee, Please Make me a SuperHero :).

— Barry Keoghan (@BarryKeoghan) January 11, 2013

Just six years and plenty of stunning performances in some great movies later and Keoghan is finally to be the superhero he always dreamed of, revealed as a cast member in the upcoming movie "The Eternals." 

As part of the ever-expanding slate for Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it was announced earlier this year that "The Eternals" #1 which first appeared in 1976 is to be adapted for the big screen. God-like beings, the Eternals are seen having it out with who are described as their unstable counterparts, known as The Deviants. 

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Reported to begin filming in September, Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden, and Kumail Nanjiani have already been announced as cast members and Dubliner Keoghan now joins the fold. 

Resharing his tweet to Lee from 2013, Keoghan simply said "the power of belief."

We'd add the power of great Irish acting talent to that as well! 

2013....The power of Belief
❤️ @MarvelStudios

— Barry Keoghan (@BarryKeoghan) August 24, 2019

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