They've been trading barbs on prime time since at least 2004 and riveting millions. Jon Stewart has memorably insulted Fox New's most pugnacious pundit Bill O'Reilly as the 'thinnest kid at fat camp' and O'Reilly in return telling him his audience 'is a bunch of stoned slackers.'

Now according to the Huffington Post, Stewart and O'Reilly are set to face off at their longest debate ever.

The antagonistic pair's previous match-up's on each other's shows have been hotly anticipated. But this time they're scheduled to face off in a 90-minute debate at George Washington University in Washington, DC on October 6.

The debate, reportedly modeled after the presidential debates has been dubbed 'The Rumble In The Air-Conditioned Auditorium,' and will be livestreamed for a fee, with half of the proceeds going to charity (where the other half goes has not yet been announced).

On his show on Monday O'Reilly took an opportunity to needle Stewart a little bit.

'In order to illuminate the vital issues associated with the upcoming presidential election, Stewart and I will debate man-to-man, eye-to-eye,' O'Reilly scoffed. 'Well, not really. He's a tiny guy.'